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My name is Saman Rashidi, I’m from Tehran, Iran, and I specialize in Web Design and Front-end Web Development. I hold 4 CIW certification from MFTN (Mojtama Fani Tehran), and have gained more than 8500 points and 100 achievements in TeamTreeHouse Website. I started working with Edoramedia digital solution company since October 2014 as a front-end developer. Before entering a career in creating web pages, I received my bachelor’s degree in Biology and shortly became highly interested in the science known as Neuromarketing. Due to my passion and education, I pursued the Marketing Management certification and worked with Dr. Mohsen Oftadehal (Cognitive Scientist) to concentrate on advertising skills approached using biological methods. Today I am a Senior Front-end Developer in Edoramedia focus on designing creative and appealing websites, attractive and clean to the viewers’ eyes, and skillfully developed on the back-end.I am the owner of SamanirA framework with my partner Samira Salimian to make a better and simpler framework for front-end developers.

Saman Rashidi

Owner of SamanirA Framework

an easy HTML / CSS / JS framework for Front-end Developers who wants to quickly build a project from 0% to 100% without wasting time on defining css classes or some javascript functions.



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  • Gaboja

    Gaboja is an unique searching website that use google API and provide some nice features for the users

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    Gaboja Website by Saman Rashidi
  • Farnaz Yavarianfar

    Farnaz Yavarianfar is a professional painter and graduated in Philosophy and Literature from Italy in 2007

    Read More About This Project
    Farnaz Yavarianfar Website by Saman Rashidi
  • Edoramedia v5.0

    Edoramedia website got transformed into an awesome website in version 5.0

    Read More About This Project
    Edoramedia v5.0 Website by Saman Rashidi
  • Benita v3.0

    Benita decided to imporove their website in both design and development because of their positive feedbacks

    Read More About This Project
    Benita v3.0 Website by Saman Rashidi
  • Petrokabir Co.

    Petro Sanat Kabir (PSK), was established in response to a rising demand for numerous services in oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Our talented people with the supervision of our experienced managers assist us to drive our business forward.

    Read More About This Project
    Petrokabir Website by Saman Rashidi
  • Branford Training

    Jordan’s experience over the last 15 years transcends all age categories and fitness levels.From training toddlers to tumble, to Plyometric training with World Class track athletes, to helping the elderly rehabilitate after hip surgery.

    Read More About This Project
    Branford Training Website by Saman Rashidi
  • Virtuleap

    They believe in empowering youth and indie teams and our platform here is an expression of that. They want you to be the vanguard of deciding how emergent, immersive, technology like virtual reality takes shape.

    Read More About This Project
    Virtuleap Website by Saman Rashidi
  • Battle Royale

    Battle Royale began its activities through the @Broyale telegram channel. On this website you can find the latest information of Clash Royale. The main goal of Battle Royale is planning events that you and your friends can battle together.

    Read More About This Project
    Battle Royale Website by Saman Rashidi
  • Benita v1.0 & v2.0

    Benita portal provides the latest news in fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips designed. The Web site also provides a forum for women to be able to negotiate freely about their daily problems. Benita was opened in 2016 and aims to provide quality articles in Farsi and become the reference website on the everyday issues of women

    Read More About This Project
    Benita v1.0 & v2.0 Website by Saman Rashidi
  • Primal MD

    Primal MD has the most complete evidence based Age Management model to date and is best suited to face our current healthcare challenge. Currently, lifestyle-acquired disease is the national epidemic despite more and more expensive drugs, increasingly sophisticated medical technology and our economic wealth.

    Read More About This Project
    Primal MD Website by Saman Rashidi
  • Sheo Sport

    The mission of SHEO is to develop the sport industry in the UAE. Their goal is to raise the level of the players, master their game and teach them how to compete at their best level.

    Read More About This Project
    Sheo Sport Website by Saman Rashidi
  • Magnihelp

    Magnihelp is the only customer service platform on the Internet with real time audio support. Magnihelp is enables your business to engage with potential customers, ensuring that your customers get the attention they need.

    Read More About This Project
    Magnihelp Website by Saman Rashidi
  • Posh Vault

    Get Credit today and start saving money on all the luxury things in life… Posh Vault will help you do it

    Read More About This Project
    Posh Vault Website by Saman Rashidi
  • Emirates American Football League

    Channeling all the noise, energy, and excitement of America’s most popular sport, They are unifying the many distinct communities of the UAE to create a diverse team of players who share a love for American football.

    Read More About This Project
    Emirates American Football League Website by Saman Rashidi
  • Line Info

    Line application is available in 68 countries around the world as the best software and social media communication. Line Company aims to be the best content and latest news about celebrities in Iran to provide his Iranian guests.

    Read More About This Project
    Line Info Blog by Saman Rashidi
  • TFG Interactive Map

    The First Group’s commitment is to ensure client enjoy the effortless rewards of amazing property investments in Dubai. they have made it their duty to deliver the most innovative opportunities, focusing on the highly lucrative world of hotel investments.

    Read More About This Project
    The First Group Interactive Map by Saman Rashidi
  • Zafar Optic v1.0

    Zafar Optic as one of the core and leading companies in eyewear and optics business in Iran with a main shop and over 60 retail stores. Zafar Optic or Tehran Optic was established by Naser Yavarianfar in 1952

    Read More About This Project
    Zafar Optic Website by Saman Rashidi
  • Edoramedia v3.0

    Edoramedia is an independent digital design and development studio lucky enough to do what they love best. building amazing solutions for their customers and ensuring they perform at levels exceeding expectations.

    Read More About This Project
    Edoramedia v3.0 Website by Saman Rashidi
  • The Axiom Team

    The Axiom is a Persian Heroes of the Storm Team, they are joining the battle to win the game!

    Read More About This Project
    The Axiom Team Website by Saman Rashidi
  • SBFR

    Non-ferrous Metals Recovery Industries Company is one of the most prestigious companies in precious metals in Iran recycling from different kinds of catalysts, anode sludge, electronic waste and other materials used in the industry of the Iran

    Read More About This Project
    Sbfr Website by Saman Rashidi
  • The Body Challenge

    The Body Challenge is for anyone and everyone! It doesn't matter how "Out" of shape or "In" shape you are, the Transformation will be SHOCKING! Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, trim down or tone up, THE BODY CHALLENGE is for you!!!

    Read More About This Project
    The Body Challenge Website by Saman Rashidi
  • MonteCristo

    At Monte Cristo no idea is too complicated and no desire impossible. Unlike traditional events production companies Monte Cristo goes beyond the simple planning and execution of events.

    Read More About This Project
    Montecristo Website by Saman Rashidi
  • Yuuma Agency

    Yuuma Marketing Agency has provided its clients with the most effective promotional tools. The key to the ongoing development and progress Yuuma is provision of high quality products and services to it’s clients. Yuuma fundamental mission is to provide integrated solutions, cost-effective and efficient for their customers' goals in areas such as increased sales, increased market share, introduce new products, brand development, marketing and development of the internal market.

    Read More About This Project
    Yuuma Website by Saman Rashidi
  • Dr. Mohammad Safaei

    Doctor Mohammad Safaie is one of the youngest and professional Dentist in Iran.He has 3 invention in Dentistry Science and works alot on the methods of Dentistry

    Read More About This Project
    Dr Mohammad Safaei Website by Saman Rashidi
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